While the real estate market remains at an all time high in terms of demand, inventory is at an all-time low. With so many buyers and so little inventory, here’s why you may consider placing your home on the market, and why spring is the ideal season to do so.

Although spring doesn’t truly come to Vermont until late May, the warmer weather brings buyers out of hibernation. With cold temperatures and holiday commitments many buyers are on a lull during the winter months. As spring comes around, buyers are itching to see new listings and get out to tour new homes. Winter is also the perfect time to stay in and get your home ready to sell. The colder months allow for you as a seller to work on any home projects you’ve been putting off so when spring hits, your home will be ready for photos and showings.

On the other end of the spectrum, Vermont has a heavy winter centric focus. Buyers who are in the area focused on skiing and other outdoor activities are looking high and low to get their hands on new listings. These buyers are hyper focused on being in this area and determined to find a home that aligns with their desire to stay close to the slopes. With so many people traveling to the area for winter activities but such low inventory, buyers are apt to jump at any new listings they see.

You know the saying; “April showers bring May flowers”. This means spring can be the ideal time to take photos of your home. The budding flowers, the lush greenery and the blue skies all add to the overall curb appeal of a new listing. With the snow gone, buyers will be able to make out the full landscape and all the unique features of the home that may have otherwise been hidden under a layer of snow. Having appealing photos will help sell the charm and attraction of your home and allow the buyers to see the full picture in the most picturesque way possible.

Selling in spring is also the ideal time in terms of getting ready for a new school year. Getting the selling process started in the spring allows for time for the closing and allows for you to move into a new space by fall. This means you will be settled into a new school district at the opportune time for a new school year to begin.

Timing is everything and the best time to sell is when the supply is diminished. With inventory at a low, buyers are itching to see new inventory. The market has pent-up buyer demand and with spring right around the corner we could help you start the process of placing your home on the market.