There is no doubt that the pandemic has brought a new level of importance to certain elements of the home.  When deciding to sell, re-evaluate your home.  Is there a space or room that could easily be turned into an office for someone working remotely?  If so, stage it to reflect an office.  How about your Internet?  If your current provider can improve your speed be sure to do it!  High-speed Internet is considered of utmost importance to today’s buyers.

What about that unfinished basement that, for little money, could become an exercise room or home theater for those nights when everyone is hunkered down?  Have you evaluated your outdoor living space? Does it include a fire pit or perhaps a patio for grilling and entertaining?

These are just some of the things today’s buyers, after a year of living and working through a pandemic, are hoping to find in the next home they may someday get stuck in!  Their needs are changing, and today’s seller needs to evaluate how their home can change to meet those needs.

Check out, especially the Planning Guides, for tips on things like Raising your Home Value at any Price Point.  It is not just a hugely helpful resource, but also a fun site to explore.  Start planning now for listing this spring or summer… you will want an edge over the competition!