Relay for Life, you may have heard of it before. The Relay for Life is American Cancer Societies main fundraising events with local communities forming teams to walk or run around a track or path for up to 24 hours, with each lap participants raise money from sponsors. The funds help support cancer research and aid to cancer patients across the U.S.

The Relay for Life Nordic Style is Stowe’s spin on a relay, in true Vermont fashion the event is help in the colder month of March (versus June or July) and celebrates our unique environment. Instead of lapping a track at a high school, the event is held at the Trapps Family Lodge and participants Nordic ski or snowshoe through the woods, some as long as 12 hours in one go, certainly a long time out in the elements. In 2014 participants raised over $80,000 for the American Cancer Society, and with participation on the rise for this year it seems that 2015 could be a record setting year for the Relay for Life Nordic Style in Stowe, VT.

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