Real estate technology is growing at an exponential rate, and one of the growth sectors are ‘apps’ offering the consumer access to details on land/properties in 3D format. Our team at The Bateman Group has been experimenting with this new technology, and so far, we have used and enjoyed the OnX, LandGlide, and Huntwise apps to aid us in our work.


What are they?

These apps offer access to information, by the state of your choice, regarding private parcels, public land, and other state and nationwide layers of information for the user to pick from.  They can be of great assistance in buying real estate! Check out the LandGlide app – input a property address and instantly find the boundaries of the parcel, see them in 3D format, find out who the owner is, and even see what the town has it assessed for!


Want to purchase land?

Although some of the apps are marketed for use as a hunting tool, such as OnX and Huntwise, they can identify if the neighboring parcel is state or privately owned or activate a layer to show you historic or roadless areas.  The options are many and varied.

How about finding out how much of a specific parcel is wooded, how much is in designated wetlands, or how much of it is open meadow?  You can even have the app follow you around the property and display how close you are to the boundaries. No need to bushwhack to find those tiny iron pins anymore!


Real Estate Apps Help Realtors

Each app has a trial period, during which you can experiment with and discover the benefits that each app offers. There is a cost associated with getting more involved information, but they are reasonably priced, and are fun to use!  You’ll likely find the Realtors of The Bateman Group using them the next time you’re out in the field with one of them – we love the technology!

If you have any questions about how we use real estate technology and tools to help with buying or selling in Vermont, don’t hesitate to contact us!