COVID-19 shifted life as we know it for everyone and in many ways. One of the largest shifts and a persistent issue is the increase in those in need of basic life necessities. As this shift became more apparent in our community, we felt the need to help make a difference. Starting in April 2020, The Bateman Group began donating to a local food share in the community in which the closing took place, in lieu of our typical closings gifts to clients. With most of our closings occurring in Lamoille County, the Lamoille County Food Share has received the largest amount of our donations thus far, but they are appreciated by every community.  It was a pleasant surprise when clients followed up with a donation of their own – so appreciated by the organizations and by our Team.

Lamoille Community Food Share

In our local county, we made it a priority to support the mission of the Lamoille Community Food Share, “to help support and improve the physical well-being of individuals who might otherwise go hungry.” The Food Share helps to provide healthy food options to those in need and the demand continues to soar. The demand from those in need is higher now than in pre-pandemic times. In fact, according to the Lamoille Community Food Share, the percentage increase of demand from 2019 through the end of 2021 was up 57% with a high of 123% increase in March of 2021 [1]

The Lamoille Community Food Share provides food for an average of 350 families a month and only about a quarter of the food they can provide is from donations, the rest the Food Share must purchase [2]. While they do purchase through the Vermont Foodbank and other local outlets, every donation helps to procure enough food for those in need. 

How to Help

Looking to help? From donations to volunteering, everything helps. This year, the Food Share is asking home gardeners to help in a new way by “Growing a Row.” While many home gardeners throughout the years have donated their early or late crops to the Food Share, this year the Food Share is asking gardeners to dedicate an entire row to donation. Produce can be dropped off at any time and is a great way to provide healthy options and help the community.

Learn more about Lamoille Community Food Share here: