We all know how hard it can be to motivate one’s self to work out during the winter…

January comes around and with it frigid temperatures, short days and high carb intakes. People talk big games about going to the gym, New Years Resolutions etc… But how many of them follow through with the resolution? I for one, am guilty of this. It is easy during the summer, after all who doesn’t enjoy a day on the water? That alone is enough motivation to get most up and out the door to workout, in winter it is different.

Enter fat bikes, mountain bikes with excessively wide tires, which enable the bike to travel over softer surfaces due to the increased surface area. The real beauty of these machines? You can ride on roads, snow, sand, and of course, dirt. When the skiing is not so great, guess what, the fat biking is.

Mountain biking has become increasingly popular. Advances in bike technology (suspension, geometry, drivetrains and trail construction) have made the sport increasingly accessible to all age groups, turning once a rogue rock-and-roll sport into an adventurous  family friendly activity. A perfect example of the sports growth is embodied here in Stowe, Vermont where our mountain bike club boasts a mountain bike trail network spanning over 30 miles throughout the town of Stowe, with trails for all abilities. In fact, summers in Stowe are busier than winters, and the increase of mountain bike traffic is growing exponentially.

The growth in the mountain bike market has fueled demand for winter riding, the fat bike is the solution. Riding on packed snow trails riders can get a great cardio and strength workout, while exploring our magnificent trail network. On January 3, 2015 the Stowe Mountain Bike Club along with Mountain Bike Vermont and local sponsors hosted “Uberwintern” a fat biking festival. The event saw a record number of participants, despite the cold weather, a testament to the sports popularity.

Interested in trying out a fat bike for yourself? Stop by iRide or Mansfield Cycles and demo one today!