Who doesn’t love the classic style of a New England Colonial home?

When the pilgrims landed on the shores of New England 300 years ago, the brought building traditions from England with them. Namely the timber framed home with a steep roof. These structures fared well in the inclement environment of the New World. As building techniques evolved, and building materials changed, the Colonial Style remained, though there came many iterations of the classic style. Nowadays, a modern colonial is referred to as a Colonial Revival or Neo Colonial.

The popularity of the homes shows with potential home buyers across a great spectrum of price ranges. The biggest problem, however, is the age of some of these buildings. While a Colonial Revival built in the late 1800’s may be lovely, and structurally sound, they often require a great amount of updating, and upkeep to keep the structure in tip top condition. Enter Middlebury based Connor Homes….

Connor Homes focuses on manufacturing homes of the American Styles from the 18th-20th centuries. Yes, that would be the Colonial Revival time-period. Specializing in historic reproduction, traditional exteriors give the impression of age, but modern machining, materials and construction techniques allow for the homes to be built efficiently and incorporate modern heating, cooling and efficiency systems.

Connor Homes is based in Middlebury, Vermont in a 118,000 square foot factory. Preferring the term mill-built architecture over the more common term “pre-fab” the homes are built in the factory, where variables such as the environment can be controlled, results in a more consistent product. Instead of battling the cold, ice, snow, rain or any other weather event New England will throw at you, the craftsman can focus on the product. This results in a more consistent product, as quality control is improved, and quicker build times…All of which help keep the cost of construction down.

All said and done, the home built, shipped and assembled, the average* cost of a Connor Home is around $250/square foot. Certainly something potential buyers may be interested in.

To learn more take a peek at the recent WCAX story on Connor Homes.

Connor Homes on WCAX

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