Save Energy – Save Money – Outsmart Winter

Winters in Vermont can be harsh, the Green Mountain State is notorious for it’s long, cold, dark winters. While this may be a detractor for many people, Vermonter’s take pride in their harsh climate and embrace the colder part of the year by building a tourist based economy centered around the harsh winters. Stowe is a prime example, offering a large ski resort, and any other snow-based recreational activity you can think of! While Vermonter’s may embrace the cold and snow, it doesn’t mean that the season does not present any hardships.

Button Up Vermont is a grassroots movement in Vermont, a statewide effort to help Vermonter’s curb their energy use and keep families warm and healthy this winter. By encouraging efficient energy practices, not only do we educate our residents on new efficient practices, but we also help them save money, and curb their carbon footprint.

Button Up Vermont has put together an interactive list on their website, where you can find some great suggestions on how to make your home more efficient. From DIY to Easy to Do projects to No Cost or Low Cost suggestions, Button Up Vermont has tips and tricks for everyone so that they can make their home more efficient.

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