How to Stage Your Vermont Home for Sale on a Budget

Selling or buying property is single handily one of the biggest investments of their lives for many people. Therefore, how the property is presented and perceived should be given as much consideration as any consumer product on the market.

We, The Bateman Group at Pall Spera Company Realtors believe that first impressions are key, because of this we live by a very simple and extremely effective list of ways to easily stage a Vermont property for sale before photographing and marketing the property.

How many times have you seen a property that’s a mess and visually unappealing?  There’s plenty of clutter, but no warmth, and perhaps, even a strange smell. The lighting is dreary and the color questionable.

MoShell home staging tipsMore often than not, potential buyers/investors will be turned off by a property presented like this, especially in a digital age where first impressions are usually online. Too many colors, furniture, possessions and clutter can make it difficult for a potential buyer to concentrate on the property itself, and picture how their lives could fit in the space. Our eyes tire very quickly; the more we  see in a room, the less we can process—it’s called stimulus overload.

No matter what is happening to the real estate market, when you want to sell your Vermont home, there are two simple rules to follow to assure a quick sale: price it well and make it look amazing, regardless of the price point.

When you show your home’s best features by staging it effectively, you help increase your final selling price without breaking the bank. In fact, on average, sellers receive $2 in increased sale price for every $1 they put into staging a home. As the infographic below shows, the following five golden rules of home staging will help you show off its best assets:

The 5 Golden Rules of Staging Your Home:

  1. De-Personalize – Potential buyers want to be able to picture themselves, and how their lives could fit into the space of the home. Help them do so by eliminating personal distractions, such as that wall of family photo’s, or trophy collection. De-personalizing the home will enable potential buyers to visualize themselves in the home.
    • Pro Tip – Bedrooms should appear to be a place of relaxation. Remove TV’s and other personal items that may take away from the central purpose of the room.
  2. Maximize the Space – Declutter the space in order to open up the floor plan. Excess furniture can make the floorspace seem much tighter than it may be, and if the buyer is looking for more space may turn them off on the home. Open up the space to allow them to visualize their furniture in the room.
    • Pro Tip – Clean out your closets to maximize the amount of open storage space. Stack boxes to hold and hide the clutter.
  3.  Sanitize – The golden rule of preparing your home for sale is simple: JUST CLEAN IT. No-one wants to enter a dirty home, especially not a potential buyer. The cleanliness of the home is a direct reflection of your lifestyle and how you’ve cared for the home over the years.
    • Pro Tip – Bathrooms and kitchens are essential spaces in a home, and are often the places where interest is won or lost. If you are going to spend money on updating or renovating, start here.
  4.  Modernize – Discerning buyers will be looking for upgrades to the home, and a dated home in a competitive marketplace may reflect a lower value, and generate a lower offer.
    • Pro Tip – Modernize your dated cabinets by refinishing them with a new paint, or replacing the hardware to create a new look on a tight budget.
  5. Neutralize – Color can make or break a buyers interest in your home. Painting is one of the least expensive ways to update and change the look of a home.
    • Pro Tip – Lightness is a major source of living room appeal for buyers. Make the space look larger by opening up the floor plan and perhaps brightening the color with a fresh coat of paint.

To protect your interests and help guide you through the process of selling your Vermont Property it’s important that you have a team of professionals by your side to navigate the local real estate market to get you the top dollar for your property.

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