3 Reasons to Start Your Vermont Home Search in the Spring

3 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Home Search in the Spring

In a sense, you are probably looking at the property during its roughest time of year, especially in Vermont where a long winter can wreak havoc on the most well cared for property, and a discerning buyer may be able to preview property in its most vulnerable state.

  1. April showers bring May flowers…and Mud Season.

    muddy vermont roadMud Season, the dreaded time of year here in Vermont. Mud season takes place as the temperatures warm and the snow pack and permafrost begin to melt. There are a good many dirt roads in Vermont, which, combined with a copious amount of water and soft ground can make for quite the treacherous commute, as sink holes and mud pits open up and threaten to suck in even the biggest trucks. Is the property accessed via a dirt road or driveway? Is the access going to be a problem for you or for emergency vehicles? How is the roadway Who manages the roadway, and how often do they maintain it? How much does it cost to maintain? Is there a maintenance plan, or plan to upgrade/paved in the near future? These are a few questions that can have some major repercussions in the future, and perhaps would not have been discovered at another time of year.

  1. Stick Season, A Home Buyers Blessing.

    spring real estate photoThe time between fall foliage and winter, as well as the time between winter and spring growth, is referred to as stick season. Generally speaking, stick season is the less-picturesque time of year. This, of course, is coming from a photographer, who on a daily basis, utilizes natural features such as trees and bushes to cover imperfections and other less-appealing features. Are there cracks along the foundation that bushes or grass may have hidden? How are the shingles on the roof looking? Are the deck supports in good shape? Can you see your neighbors, the road or business? How does the stick season affect the privacy of the home/lot? During the summer or winter, these questions may have been a bit harder to answer. Seeing the property ‘naked’ if you will, may give you better insight into the overall condition of the building, and situation of the lot.

  2. Spring cleaning, or Lack Thereof.

    spring cleanup real estateThe end of a long winter, spring thaw comes along and the yard is littered with branches, there’s soot all over the hearth and winter equipment laying around. These observations, while perhaps not paramount to the well-being of the property portray a general lack of consideration and care for the property as a whole. As a potential buyer, be wary of how the current owner treats the annual spring cleaning process. Are they proactive in cleaning and maintaining the property in this critical time of year? The care taken of the property during this time may give you some insights into how the current owner maintains the property throughout the year.

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